Sports and Games

The Sports and Games Department of the college has attained high degree of eminence by virtue of the tireless effort of its student community and the extremely active departmental personnel. As a result, students of this college have had consistent success in various Inter-College, Inter-University, State, National, International level meets. The department is ably supervised and guided by Sri Shekhar Kumar Kundu, a highly qualified and experienced physical instructor, the manager of the college-team and organizer of the intra-college tournaments.
In the year 2006, a Sports Board was formed for the betterment of and co-ordination among the students interested in sports and associated co-curricular activities.

Recent Achievements of the College in Sports & Games in 2018-2019

Achievements of College Team

Event Name





 Table Tennis Men Inter College Runner Up 2018-2019
 Table Tennis Women Inter College Champion  2018-2019
 Cricket  Men  Red Bulls  Semi Finalist  2018-2019
 Cricket  Men  Inter College  Semi Finalist  2018-2019
 Athletic  Women  Inter College  Champion  2018-2019