Principal’s Desk

College Principal – Dr. Asok Mukhopadahyay

Jaipuria College, as it is known to the academicia, has a special edge in learning. Over the years, the institution has grown and reached its mature stage. We, the teachers, students and staff members, are dedicated to serve the society, academically and otherwise, to the best of our ability

A reputed institution in North Kolkata, Seth Anandaram Jaipuria College (SAJC) carries a long history of 65 years, housed in the famous Shovabazar Rajbari that once belonged to the families of Maharaja Naba Krishna Deb.

The College has been associated with many eminent personalities involved in India’s Nationalist Movement. The most noteworthy of them is Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who inaugurated the college in 1945. It is our privilege to recall once more the perspective of the foundation of this college and to pay tribute to its founder. India was entering into the final phase of freedom negotiations with the British; it was at the juncture in 1945 that an Indian college was established in British India by the courageous Indian Padma Bhusan, Seth Mangturami Jaipuria.

One can say with pride and satisfaction that the history of this college is one of uninterrupted progress. The college runs three shifts catering to the Girls’ section (Morning, Co-ed Section (Day) and Boys’ Section (Evening).

We have around 6000 students, 180 teachers and about 100 support staff. There are 15 different subjects in which Honours courses are offered.

Some Honours courses are simultaneously offered in more than one shift. This is a huge responsibility that we are discharging. Here lies our strength. We secure brilliant results in University Examinations an also produce Sportspersons at national and international levels. One the social front, the college boasts of maintaining an extremely valiant and dedicated NCC team. To create a sense of community bonding among students, the college has also started an NSS unit since 2010.

The online filling-up of admission forms which was introduced in 2009 has minimized the hassles for new entrants to this college. This year we are delighted to announce the implementation of a fully computerized admission system catering to the needs of the hour.

Freshers bring strength and vitality to the life of a college. I heartily welcome them all and look forward to their achievements and attainments in the larger sphere.

I also take this opportunity to express my respect and appreciation to the Jaipurians past and present, the distinguished members of the Jaipuria family, the eminent faculty members past and present, the distinguished scholars who passed out from this college and all the stakeholders who in any position were and are associated with this institution.