College Fees and Deposits

1 Tuition Fees  
  a) BA General Rs. 50.00 per month
  b) BA (Honours) Rs. 75.00 per month
  c) BSc (General) (Bio Sc. & Pure Sc.) Rs. 85.00 per month
  d) BSc (Honours) Rs. 110.00 per month
  e) BCom (General) Rs. 60.00 per month
  f) BCom (Honours) Rs. 85.00 per month
2 Admission Fee Rs. 30.00 annually
3 Prospectus and Admission Form Rs. 40.00 annually
4 Common Room and Reading Room Fee Rs. 3.00 annually
5 Canteen Development and Subsidy Rs. 10.00 annually
6 College Examination Fee Rs. 100.00 annually
7 Development Fee Rs. 550.00 annually
8 Students’ Union Fee Rs. 54.00 annually
9 Magazine Fee Rs. 10.00 annually
10 College Annual Sports Fee Rs. 20.00 annually
11 NCC Fee Rs. 4.00 annually
12 Students’ Festival Fee Rs. 100.00 annually
13 Students’ Aid Fund Rs. 10.00 annually
14 Students’ Health Home Fee Rs. 5.00 annually
15 Electricity & Generator Charges Rs. 125.00 annually
16 Library Caution Money Rs. 20.00 (1st Yr.)
17 University Sports & Game Development Fee Rs. 60.00 (1st Yr. only)
18 Library Service Charges Rs. 20.00 annually
19 Inter-Departmental Transfer, Subject Change, Withdrawal, Cancellation and other Fees  
  a) For transfer from one shift to the other Rs. 20.00
  b) For change of subject Rs. 20.00
  c) Duplicate Acknowledgement Card Fee Rs. 40.00
  d) Admission Cancellation/ Withdrawal Fee Rs. 30.00
  e) Transfer Fee (TC) Rs. 60.00
20 Laboratory Charges and Laboratory Caution Money

Subject Laboratory Fees (Payable annually at the beginning of each session) Laboratory Caution Money (Payable at the time of admission in the 1st year)
Physics (G) 100.00 100.00
Chemistry (G) 100.00 100.00
Botany (G) 100.00 100.00
Zoology (G) 100.00 100.00
Electronics (G) 750.00 100.00
Information Technology 600.00  
IT Practical (BCom 2nd year) 50.00 (per month)  
Physics (H) 150.00 150.00
Chemistry (H) 150.00 150.00
Mathematics (H) (Only for 3rd year students) 75.00  

Note: Laboratory Caution Money is payable by every student for Laboratory-based subjects at the beginning of the session. It is refunded at the end of the course, after breakages have been paid for. Students depositing such caution money must apply for refund within a year from the date they cease to be students of the College, failing which the said amount is liable to be forfeited and the same will be transferred to the Development Fund of the College. No application for refund is entertained unless the relevant deposit receipt is submitted. Where the breakage exceeds the amount of the Caution Money, the excess amount shall be paid by the student.

The same rules as regards Library Caution Money apply in the matter of refund.

21 For Admission to 2nd Year and 3rd Year classes, a student has to pay Rs. 650/-
22 University Fees (as per Calcutta University present circular)
  a) Registration Fee Rs. 100.00 (One Time)
  b) Migration Fees (Applicable for students from other Council/ Board except CBSE, ISC, National Institution of Open Schooling) Rs. 100.00 (1st Year)
  c) Cost of University Examination Form Rs. 20.00
  d) Non-Collegiate Fee Rs. 100.00
  e) University Examination Fee Rs. 305.00
  f) Late Fee (if Migration Certificate is not submitted in time) Rs. 50.00

Fees Payable at the Time of Admission to 1st year

For enrolment a student must pay:

  1. Admission Fee
  2. Tuition Fee (July to September)
  3. College Examination Fee
  4. Students’ Union Fee
  5. Students’ Magazine Fee
  6. College Annual Sports Fee
  7. NCC Fee
  8. Library Service Charges
  9. Library Caution Money
  10. Laboratory Caution Money
  11. Annual Laboratory Charges for Lab-based subjects
  12. Migration Fee (only for students coming from outside ie, Board/ Council
  13. Students’ Festive Fee
  14. Development Fee
  15. Students’ Aid Fund Fee
  16. Students’ Health Home Fee
  17. Electricity and Generator Charges
  18. Registration Fee
  19. University Examination Form
  20. Prospectus and Admission Form
  21. Common Room & Reading Room Fee
  22. Canteen Development and Subsidy
  23. University Sports & Games Development Fee (1st year only)


The College Authority directs the students to pay the Tuition Fees Quarterly (ie for 3 months at a time) in advance. Tuition Fees for each Quarter should be cleared by the 15th of the first month of the said Quarter. The said Quarters are July to September; October to December; January to March and April to June.

Defaulters shall have to pay a let payment fine of Rs. 1.00 for each month of default. Names of the defaulter will be removed from the registers on the 1st day of the next month of default. Their names will be restored on payment of the arrear fees and fines plus a Restoration Fee of Rs. 1.00. Students whose names are removed from the rolls for non-payment of dues are not entitled to any credit for attendance for the period between the removal and the restoration. Defaulters can never get back lost attendance.

Note: College Fees & Deposits will be accepted by the College Office (Cash Section) on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday except on Holidays and during vacation.