• Students should be polite and courteous in behavior. By no means they should disrespect to any member of the College staff and be rude to their fellow students.
  • Students are advised to select their course of studies and subjects with sufficient care. Change of subjects is allowed only once and only within one month from the date of admission.
  • Prescribed text books must be secured immediately as class – work starts. It is sheer waste of time and money to continue in a class without having tools of work.
  • Impersonation at Roll Call is a serious offence.
  • Students, as well as parents and guardians, are requested to bear in mind that the admission to the College implies in all cases an automatic undertaking on the part of the student to abide by its rules & discipline. Disorderly behavior within or outside class – rooms, shouting or screaming, defacing or damaging College property are gross breaches of discipline and are dealt with severely.
    Students must not assemble in front of the class room and staff – room before/ after classes are over, nor should they loiter in the corridor when classes are being held.
  • Students requiring certificates should submit applications, with relevant particulars, at least three working days before the certificates are required. Papers for attestation and Railways, Tram and Bus concession forms for signature should similarly be submitted at least three working days before they are required.
  • Students must not enter office without valid reasons and disturb work in the office.
  • The College Telephone is not meant for the students.