Registration and Migration

Students joining the College are required to get their names registered with the University immediately after admission. They must, for the purpose, fill in the prescribed forms (available at the college office) and submit the necessary documents in support of application, along with the scheduled Registration fee.

Students coming from Universities or Boards other than Calcutta University and West Bengal Council of HS Education can only be provisionally admitted. The admission has to be confirmed by the Calcutta University. Such students must at once apply to the Universities or Boards, which they have left for migration certificate or permission to join Calcutta University. They are required, within one month of their admission, to apply to the Registrar of Calcutta University in the prescribed form obtainable from the College Office, for the approval of their admission, along with the prescribed Migration Fee.

It should be noted that Transfer Certificates can not be issued to students provisionally admitted on migration from other Universities or Boards before their admission is formally approved by Calcutta University or West Bengal Council.