Awards/ Stipends/ Concessions

  • The Late Professor Deepak K.Bose Memorial Award is awarded annually to two deserving
    students in the department of political Science. The award, founded by the family of the late
    teacher carries a monetary incentive to be expended on books. The award is given to the top
    scorers from the Department in the final year University Examination. The award ceremony is
    marked by a Memorial Lecture in honour of the Late Professor.
  • Seth Anandram Jaipuria Memorial Awards for Academic Excellence are presented to the
    highest scorer of each department in the final year University Exam. The presentation
    ceremony is held on the Foundation Day of the College on 22nd December every year
  • Professor Jaba Chatterjee Memorial Awards are presented to the three toppers of the
    Department of English (Day) every year. The award ceremony is marked by a Memorial
    Lecture sponsored by our college in revered memory of the late Professor.
  • Professor Bani Bhushan Dasgupta Memorial Award is presented to the highest scorer in
    English (Honours) every year.
  • Professor Banibhushan- Amiyabhishan Memorial Awards are presented to the two most
    deserving students from First and Second year English (Honours) every year.
  • The Students’ Fund Scheme renders financial assistance to deserving students to meet their
    tution or Examination fees or to purchase books relevant to under graduate studies. The Fund
    is composed of contribution from University Grants Commission (if available), and also from
    the students.
  • Free Studentship and Half Free Studentship are granted every year on a merit-cum-means
    basis. The College notifies the date for submission of application and the list of necessary
    documents. The continuation of all stipends, aids and the like is subject to good conduct,
    regular attendance and satisfactory academic performance. Students enjoying any kind of
    Government Scholarship are not eligible to partake of this grant.
  • Railway Concession Forms can be obtained from the college office by outstation students
    and applications made in accordance with Railway guidelines.