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Since we all are fighting a joint battle against COVID 19, we feel the necessity of giving frank, honest, clear voice to our inmost anxieties and hopes at this Corona hour during the lockdown. That’s why we invited articles from our own dear colleagues. The articles received at this Teachers’ Corner at the encouragement of our honourable Principal Dr. Asok Mukhopadhyay are enriched with information and layers of perceptions. That is our purpose behind such a venture. While reading the articles, please make some time from your busy schedule to listen to this video entitled ‘Beyond Lockdown: Rhythm and Melodies.’ The You tube link of this video is here. It’s an effort of the Departemen of English (Day) of our college. Hope it heals your mind and soul.
‘Beyond Lockdown: Rhythm and Melodies.’


যে বিষ আমরা জেনেশুনে পান করেছি —–ড. অশোক মুখোপাধ্যায় (অধ্যক্ষ)
কোভিড-১৯-এক  ভ্যাবাচ্যাকা মানুষের দলিল —– নন্দিতা সেন চক্রবর্তী – অর্থনীতি বিভাগ ( দিবা )
অভূতপূর্ব অতিমারি ও এক শিক্ষিকার অনুভব —– গোপা বসু মন্ডল – ইতিহাস বিভাগ ( দিবা)
হাম মওত সে ক্যা ডরেঙ্গে —– স্বাগতা ভট্টাচার্য – রাষ্ট্র বিজ্ঞান বিভাগ (প্রাতঃ বিভাগ )
কিছু কথা- সময়কাল কোভিড মহামারী —– ঈপ্সিতা নাথ (চন্দ) — প্রাণিবিদ্যা বিভাগ (দিবা)
Do You Know —–Debraj Roy – Department Of Botany (Day Shift)
Is this the APOCALYPSE?—–Santanu Sengupta – Department Of Political Science (Day Shift)
The Pandemic And Us —-Poulomi Roy –
Department Of Commerce (Morning Shift)
Lockdown in Covid-19 Pandemic—–Abir Chattopadhyay -Department of Journalism (Day Shift)
The Pandemic : Undermining Secure Meanings —–Dr. Srimanti Chowdhuri –Department of English ( Day Shift )
A Rant on my Personal Anecdotes —–Dr. Monalisa Mohanta -Department of Political Science (Day Shift)
The Lockdown Diary—–Dr. Mou Chattopadhyay – Department Of English (Morning Shift)
Changes and Challenges —–Madhuchhanda Roy – Department Of English (Day Shift)
COVID-19 and some scribbled thoughts —–Dr. Tanushree Sahu – Department of Physics (Day Shift)
Redefining Education : Post Corona —–Dr. Archana Dwivedi
– Department Of Hindi(Day Shift)
Some Random Nothings —–Dr. Siddhartha Dasgupta
– Department Of Political Science (Day Shift)
Deplorable Condition of GUEST LECTURERS IN WEST BENGAL ——Ananya Bhattacharyya – Department Of English(Morning Shift)
Pandemic Panorama ——Dr. Madhumita Mishra —-Department Of Botany (Day Shift)
A Teacher thinking Aloud —– Barnali Pain – Department Of English(Day Shift)
অভিযোগ (Grievance)

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