2nd  Sem Hons/Gen- Payment on account of CU Online Form Submission and payment of Fees


1st Step: All Students of Semester II of B.Com are directed to visit University website []for download /Print of Semester II Examination Form between    May 12 to 17, 2019

Note 1 : At the time of visit of the Calcutta University portal of a Students with CU Registration Number, and after verify the given data in the CU Online form if required  any error, make correction if possible and then submit, and take 2 copies of print of CU online filled-up form- one for College and another one for student.


2ndStep: Eligible Students are directed to visit College website for Payment-  www. – Log in by student –  OTP may be generated

                                                                                        Last Date of Payment for B.Com Sem II: May 23, 2019

Note 3: Payment Portal of the College will be again opened on 15 May, 2019, and Student ID No. and CU Registration No. and Mobile Phone  is essential for payment.

Note 4: All Regular and allowed students of Semester II [i.e., attendance 60% or more] are only eligible for payment] Don’t pay more than one time, if deducted from your account and  no intimation has been received, please wait for another one working day, and if required,  contact college office [Mor/Day/Eve, as applicable]


3rd Step: Submit one copy of CU Online Form of Semester II, Payment Challan of Sem II including Semester I, Money Receipt to College office as per schedule and also take acknowledgement from the office..

9 am to 11 am 1 pm to 3pm 3 pm to 5 pm
Between May 21 to 23, 2019  till 4pm


Don’t pay more than one time if amount deducted from Bank A/c and shown not successfully, please wait for 1 or 2 working days for online update /challan  

Eligible cum paid students of B.Com of 2nd Semester are directed to submit photocopy of the following documents:

  • Photocopy of  payment challan of Semester II and  of B.Com, 2019
  • Print copy of  CU Online Examination Form of Semester II 2019
  • Acknowledgement Card in original if required.

Don’t pay more than one time. After payment i.e., if deducted from bank account but no intimation has been received as successfully payment, wait for another 1 or 2 working days and contact college office.

        Fees Structure of Semester II including CU Practical Fees: 2nd  Semester: 2019

Sl Type of Fees Rs. Remarks
1 Tuition Fees (6 month) as per Govt. notification
a) B.Com (General) 360  



b) B.Com (Hons.) 510
2 Standing Charges [Semester Session Charge]* 1500
3 College Laboratory & Course Fees [Hons/Gen].
a) B.Com [Hons]  IT [3RD Sem] 00  






b) B.Com [Hons] Computerizing Accounting & TR[5th Sem] 00
c) B.Com [General]  IT [3RD Sem]  
4 CU Fees:
i) CU Examination Fee 305
ii) CU Data Processing  Fee 20
iii) CU Examination Center Fee 30
5 CU Non Collegiate Fee 100 As applicable
6 CU Late Fee 70 As applicable
7 CU Practical B.Com H IT Fee: Sem III 00  
8 CU Practical  B.Com Gen IT Fee [3rd Sem] 00  
9 CU Practical B.Com H CA&TR Fee[ 5TH Sem]    
10 CU Practical B.Com H:Project Work Fee[6th Sem] 00