Notice for Conveners of all Committees

on Aug 6, 2019 in Notice Board

Conveners of all committees are requested to convene meeting in consultation with the Principal.

Committees meetings will be held in presence of the Principal and resolutions of the committees are to be circulated and uploaded in the college website.

1.      Building Maintenance and College Expansion Committee

Prof. Anil Kumar Saha, Convener


2.      Committee for Legal Matter

Prof. Rekha Singh, Convener


3.      Purchase Committee

Prof. Joydip Datta, Convener


4.      Staff Rationalisation Committee

Prof. Gopa Basu, Convener


5.      Admission Process Preparatory Committee

Dr. Nilasish Pal


6.      ICC and Grievance Cell

Dr. Srimanti Chowdhuri, Convener


7.      University Examination Cell

Prof. Nandita Chanraborty, Convener


8.      Students Welfare Committee

Prof. Bonobehari Mondal, Convener


9.      Seminar Committee

Prof. Abir Chatterjee, Convener


10.  NSS

Prof. Md Javed Hasan, Convener


11.  Disciplinary Committee

Prof. Barnali Pain, Convener


12.  S. C. / S. T. Welfare Committee

Dr. Suraj Prasad Shah, Convener


13.  DCF II

Dr. Ipsita Chanda, Coordinator


14.  Central Examination Cell

Prof. Rekha Singh, Convener


15.  Placement & Career Counselling

Dr. Chandra Mukherjee, Convener


16.  UGC Committee

Dr. Siddhartha Dasgupta, Convener


17.  Library Committee

Sri Mrinal Kanti Saha


18.  IQAC

Dr. Nilasish Pal, Convener


19.  Sports Committee

Sri Banamali Mondal, Convener


20.  Canteen Committee

Dr. Indrani Das, Convener