(As per notification of University of Calcutta No. CE/R&F/09/18/33 dated 28.05.18)

  1. Online B.A., B.Sc. and B. Com Honours and General Part I [Annual] form fill-up will be started on 11 -06-2018

Eligible Regular Students and CC candidates of Part I are directed to follow the schedule and time of submission of C.U. Examination Form [print copy of form with full signature] and online Payment Challan of fees to college respective [Morning/Day/Evening] office.
It may be noted that the Last date of C.U. form fill-up or download of form and Print from C.U portal will be closed on 18-06-2018.
Step1: Visit CU website ( OR followed by Online Examination Application Submission; and take 2 sets of print of form (one for submission to college office and another for student copy for acknowledgment from college office.

Note 1 : i) Old Registration No. means – Registration No. upto year 2008-2009
[format: 098765 2008-2009]
ii) New Registration No. means – Registration No. on and after 2009
[format: 224-0000-0000-09] Step 2: Visit College Admission website [] for payment of fees. Take print of ONLINE payment challan / receipts from the website.
College website will be opened for payment of fees on Wednesday 13-06-2018 after at 4pm and will be closed on 18/6/18 at 2 pm
Note 2: To complete the above two steps, CU Registration No., College Student ID, Registered Mobile no. are essential.
Note 3: Students of CU Registration No. before 2014 [i.e., admission of 1st year before 2014] are hereby directed to contact with Email for Students Id Number. Email –
Step 3: One copy of print challan / receipts must be attached with C.U. Form and submit to the college office as per schedule.
*Original Acknowledgement Card (AC Card) and last payment challan of college are required at the time of submission.

Note 4: It is a duty of student to take acknowledgement/receipts from the college office after submission of CU printed Form and Payment Challan.

Note 5: It may be noted that if any student(s) unable to submit CU Form and payment challan /payment receipts to the college office within schedule, the college authority will not be responsible for ‘not approval’ or rejection. After last date, the college authority unable to approved their candidature through CU website portal.




  1. Schedule of Submission of C.U. Printed Form and Paid Challan:




8 am to 10 am 12.30 pm to 4 pm 3 pm to 5 pm

14-06-18, 15-6-18 & 18-06-2018 till 3 pm

  1. Amount required for online payment-
A. Details of Fees– CC candidates
C.U. Examination fee Rs.305+ C.U. Center fee Rs.30 +CU e-processing fees Rs. 20 +Clerical Service Charge Rs. 20=Total Amount Payable Rs. 375 and Plus[+ ] CU Practical Lab fees as applicable [CU Practical Lab fees will be available also in the CU online Printed Exam. Form.
B. Details of Fees – Regular Students
C.U. Examination fee Rs.305+ C.U. Center fee Rs.30 +CU e-processing fees Rs. 20 + Language Exam Fees Rs.2 =Total Amount Payable Rs. 357 and Plus[+ ] CU Practical Lab fees as applicable +Tuition fees [6months] + College Lab Course Fee for Hons Subjects [6 months]as applicable + College General Subjects Lab fees and Caution Money, as applicable

C. U. PRACTICAL FEES: Part I[Annual based Examination] for Hons Students
[ No practical fee for B.Sc General Course (Pure & Bio)
C. B.Sc./BA Honours Subject/Paper– [only Hons candidates are liable to pay] a) Chemistry Paper II B Rs 290
b) Computer Science Paper II B Rs 170
c) Food and Nutrition Paper IIB Rs. 120
d) Journalism & Mass Communication Paper II(2nd Half) Rs. 170
e) Physics Paper II B Rs. 140
f) Psychology Paper IIB Rs. 200
g) Zoology Paper II(Unit II) Rs.170

D. The following Hons subjects-students shall be paid Lab Course fees
1. Computer Science – Rs. 4000 + Caution Fees Rs. 2100
2) Food and Nutrition- Rs. 2200 + Caution Fees Rs. 1000
3) Journalism & Mass Communication –Rs. 2500+ Caution Fees Rs. 1000
4) Psychology – Rs. 2500+ Caution Fees Rs. 500
5) Zoology – 3560 + Caution Fees Rs. 500
6) Physics – 150 + Caution Fees Rs. 150
7) Chemistry – 150 + Caution Fees Rs. 150

E. B.A./B.Sc –General subjects combination
If any students of 1st year of BA/BSc [2017-18] are taken/allotted following Pass/General lab subjects as a Combination, he/she shall be paid Lab Course fees and Caution Money as follows-

1 Botany [Gen] Rs. 300 Rs. 300
2 Chemistry [Gen] Rs. 200 Rs. 200
3 Computer Science [Gen] Rs. 1600 Rs. 1000
4 Electronics [Gen] Rs. 750 Rs. 100
5 Food & Nutrition [Gen] Rs. 300 Rs. 500
6 Geography [Gen] Rs. 600 Rs. 500
7 Journalism (Gen) Rs. 150 Rs. 75
8 Physics [Gen] Rs. 200 Rs. 200
9 Psychology [Gen] Rs. 500 Rs. 250
10 Statistics [Gen] Rs. 900 Rs.250
11 Zoology [Gen] Rs.300 Rs. 300
12 Electronics [Gen] Rs.750 Rs.100
F. Tuition Fees – BA [Hons Course]- Rs. 450
B.Sc [Hons Course] – Rs. 660
BA [General Course – Rs. 300
B.Sc [General Course] Rs. 510
For query – contactEmail –
Cc to: