3rd year B.COM (H) (Part III) Project Work :2016-17

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3rd year B.COM (H) (Part III) Project Work :2016-17

(Morning / Day / Evening)


  • The Project Examination will be held on and from 02.2017. The details schedule will be published accordingly.


  • The soft copy of the Project Report (final) will be submitted to the supervisor by the students in Pdf format with the following specifications :


  1. Font Style- Times New Roman
  2. Font Size- 12 pts (only body of the report)
  3. Paragraph- Justified
  4. Space between the lines- 1.5
  5. Margin in all sides- 1”/ 2.5 cm.
  6. Paper Size- A4


  • The last date of submission of the soft copy of project by students to the supervisor:            6th February, 2017, (Monday).


  • a) One set of hard copy of the project report will be printed by the college with the papers supplied by the college.


  1. b) Students need to get photocopy of that and after spiral binding and to submit two sets (including the original printed one) of final project report, within the date to be           notified later.


  • The students have to attend at least 10 classes with the supervisors before submission of the Final soft copy and students need to register their attendance in diary of the supervisor.


  • Topic of the study and Title of your project must be finalized with the supervisor as early as possible.


  • Violation of any provision stated above and the regulations mentioned in the guideline of the University of Calcutta be   candidature of the student for B.Com (Hons.) 3rd Year Project Exam. 2017 is liable to be canceled.



Note: Allotment of supervisor is available in college notice board.

Check the college website regularly