1. We repeat once more that any failure to comply with the attendance [i.e., minimum 60%] – rule may ultimately lead to loss of Semester. The College Authority in this regard will entertain no request.
  2. Approval of Scholarship(s) and any type of certificate if required, contact the College Office.
  3. Railway Concession Forms can be obtained from the College Office by outstation students and applications made in accordance with Railway guidelines.
  4. Concession of Tuition Fees, Financial Help, and student may contact to the Department as well as College office.
  5. Although the College does not insist on a formal dress code, it is expected that the students will wear decent clothes within the College premises, keeping in mind the sanctity and reputation of an academic institution. No student is to compromise on self – dignity and self- respect in matters of dress – selection. We leave the choice to the students but the liberty should not be misused.
  6. Use of Mobile Phones in the Classrooms/ Library/ Laboratory/ Corridor is strictly prohibited. A breach of conduct on this count may invite sever punishment like permanent confiscation of the mobile phone, Guardian Call etc.
  7. The Principal may in the interest of the institution require a student to leave the College without assigning any reason. In such a case Transfer Certificate will be issued free of charge.
  8. Academic Reports are sent to Parents or Guardians about the conduct and quality of work of the students. The Principal invites cooperation of the students and their guardians in making the process of education fruitful and in maintaining general order of discipline.
  9. Notice will be available in the College website –, and student should be in touched with office and also department for academic purpose.