Provision for Financial Aid to students


Students’ Aid Fund : Students can apply to the Principal with recommendation from the General Secretary and Finance Secretary of the Students’Council for a lumpsum grant of not more than Rs 1000 for payment of fees or othereducational expense. Only the poor and needy students may apply for this.
Tuition Fees : Students from weak financial background,may apply to the Principal through the H.O.D. , in the prescribed format along with necessary documents , for concession in Tuition Fees. Good attendance and examination result shall be considered in granting this concession in different slabs of 50% , 75% or 100%.
College Welfare cum Meritorious Fund : This fund for students is meant only for special or urgent purposes like Medical Need, Travel Allowance, or Participation in approved Programmes. In either casesuch prayers have to be granted by the concerned Department of the College.