Project Guideline (CU)

on Nov 23, 2016 in Project

3rd year B.COM (H) (Part III) Project Work: 2016-17
(Morning / Day / Evening)


STEP I: Selection of the topic for the project by taking following points into consideration:
• Suitability of the topic.
• Relevance of the topic
• Time available at the disposal.
• Feasibility of data collection within the given time limit.
• Challenges involved in the data collection (time & cost involved in the data collection, possibility of getting responses, etc.)

STEP II: Finalisation of the Topic and preparation of Project Proposal in consultation with the Supervisor.

STEP III: Collection of information and data relating to the topic and analysis of the same.

STEP IV: Writing the report dividing it into suitable chapters and/or sub-chapters,