Tender No:  C 1/19-20 Dated 23.04.2019 – Civil Work

Construction of Partition in 4 Rooms (3rd Floor/2nd Floor)

Please submit quotation as per tender specifications mentioned below for the Construction of Partition in 4 Rooms (3rd Floor/2nd Floor) in Seth Anandram Jaipuria College,Kolkata.


Estimated Requirement for the Construction

  1. 5” Brick Wall ( With 4:1 of Sand: Cement)
  2. Both Side Plaster (With 5:1 of Sand: Cement)
  3. J K Putty both side (Finished) with 2 coats Primer
  4. 10”x10” Brick Pillar of 4 Rooms (4 Pillars per Room)
  5. RCC Linton (Running) 5”x 6”x 33’ for 4 Rooms with (8 mm rod & 6 mm binder (2:1:1-Sand: Stone-chips: Cement)
  6. Length of the Room- 33 ft. and Height 13.5 ft.
  7. RCC Roof Bim-5”x 8”x 33’ (8 mm rod with 6 mm binder (2:1:1-Sand: Stone-chips: Cement.
  8. Brick – A class first pico, Cement of reputed brand preferably Damp Proof, Sand full course. Rod- TMT reputed brand, Primer of Reputed Brand- Berger, Asian Paint etc.

# Note: Brick, RCC and Plaster must be properly cured.


On the basis of above requirements kindly quote the price excluding GST if any

  1. Rate Per sq. ft. separately for Brick Wall, Plaster, Putty with 2 coats Primer)
  2. Rate Per sq. ft. separately Pillar- (Plaster, Putty with 2 coats primer)
  3. Rate Per running ft. (RCC Linton- Plaster, Putty with 2 coats Primer)
  4. Rate Per running ft. (RCC Roof-Beam- Plaster, Putty with 2 coats Primer)


Please quote separately price with Hollow Bricks.



  1. The product and service should cover warranty of at least 2 yrs.
  2. The product may vary but the features should be strictly followed by the vendors.
  3. Work to be completed within 4 weeks after issue of work order.
  4. Parties/firm must have sufficient experience in the field. Vendor must submit photocopies of valid, current & relevant Trade License ,GST Registration Certificate, PAN Card, etc, along with the quotation
  5. Terms of warranty and Payment schedule should be clearly mentioned in the quotation
  6. Construction of Partition in 4 Rooms” must be super scribed on the envelope containing the quotation
  7. Period and time: Tender related physical visit/query, if required: 26th April to 3rd May, 2019 on working days only from 1 PM to 3.P.M
  8. The College authority reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation(s) without assigning any reason.
  9. Tender should be addressed to the PRINCIPAL, S A JAIPURIA COLLEGE and to be submitted to the Librarian, Sri. Abhijit Chatterjee, S A Jaipuria College 26th April to 4th May, 2019 on working days between 3 pm to 5 pm